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To aid direct searches for poems, all of the currently available poems are listed below with the associated poet, poetic form, and initial publication year. Poems can also be filtered by these criteria using the sidebar on the right.

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Poem Title Poet Poetic Form Publication Year
Proem: to Brooklyn Bridge Hart Crane Quatrain 1927
Ave Maria Hart Crane Other 1927
The River Hart Crane Free verse 1928
Cape Hatteras Hart Crane Free verse 1930
Atlantis Hart Crane Other 1930
The Mango Tree Hart Crane Free verse 1929
The Bridge Hart Crane Other 1930
After Lorca Robert Creeley Free verse 1953
I Know a Man Robert Creeley Organic form 1954
The Flower Robert Creeley Free verse 1958
For Love Robert Creeley Quatrain 1962
Tattoo Harry Crosby Free verse 1928
Photoheliograph (For Lady A.) Harry Crosby Other 1928
Short Introduction to the Word Harry Crosby Prose poem 1928
Incident Countee Cullen Ballad 1925
Yet Do I Marvel Countee Cullen Blank verse 1925
Tableau Countee Cullen Ballad 1925
Heritage Gwendolyn Bennett Couplet 1925
To John Keats, Poet, at Spring Time Countee Cullen Quatrain 1925
From the Dark Tower Countee Cullen Sonnet 1927
If We Must Die Claude McKay Sonnet 1919
The Harlem Dancer Claude McKay Sonnet 1917
The White City Claude McKay Sonnet 1921
America Claude McKay Sonnet 1921
The Tropics in New York Claude McKay Sonnet 1920
Outcast Claude McKay Sonnet 1922
Look Within Claude McKay Sonnet 1945
The Lynching Claude McKay Sonnet 1920
The Negro's Tragedy Claude McKay Sonnet 1945
Mulatto Sonnet 1925