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W. S. Merwin Bibliography


The River Sound (1999) The Folding Cliffs: A Narrative (1998) The Vixen (1996) Travels (1993) Selected Poems (1988) The Rain in the Trees (1988) Opening the Hand (1983) Finding the Islands (1982) The Compass Flower (1977) Writings to an Unfinsihed Accompaniment (1973) The Carrier of Ladders (1970) The Lice (1967) The Moving Target (1963) The Drunk in the Furnace (1960) Green with Beasts (1956) The Dancing Bears (1954) A Mask for Janus (1952)


The Lost Upland (1992) Unframed Originals (1982) Houses and Travellers (1977) The Miner's Pale Children (1970)

James Merrill Bibliography


Jim's Book: A Collection of Poems and Short Stories (privately printed, 1942)

The Black Swan (Icarus, 1946)

First Poems (Knopf, 1951)

Short Stories (Banyan Press, 1954)

The Country of a Thousand Years of Peace (Knopf, 1959; rev. ed., Atheneum, 1970)

Water Street (Atheneum, 1962)

Nights and Days (Atheneum, 1966)

The Fire Screen (Atheneum, 1969)

Braving the Elements (Atheneum, 1972)

Yannina (Phoenix Book Shop, 1973)

The Yellow Pages: 59 Poems (Temple Bar Bookshop, 1974)

Harryette Mullen Bibliography


Tree Tall Women, 1981

Trimmings. Providence, R.I.: Tender Buttons, 1991.

S*Perm*K*T. Philadelphia: Singing Horse Press, 1992.

Muse & Drudge. Philadelphia: Singing Horse Press, 1995.


Freeing the Soul: Race, Subjectivity, and Difference in Slave Narratives. Cambridge University Press, 1999.

Frank O'Hara Bibliograohy


A City Winter, and Other Poems (Tibor de Nagy Gallery Editions, 1952)

Meditations in an Emergency (M. Alcover, 1956; Grove, 1957; 2nd ed., 1967)

Second Avenue (Totem Press, 1960)

Odes (with serigraphs by Michael Goldberg, Tiber Press, 1960; 2nd ed., Poets Press, 1969)

Lunch Poems (City Lights, 1964)

Love Poems (Tentative Title) (Tibor de Nagy Gallery Editions, 1965)

In Memory of My Feelings: A Selection of Poems (Museum of Modern Art, 1967)

Two Pieces (Long Hair Books, 1969)

Ezra Pound Bibliography


A Lume Spento. Venice: A. Antonini, 1908. Reprint New York: New Directions, 1965.

A Quinzaine for this Yule. London: Pollock and Co., 1908.

Personae of Ezra Pound. London: Elkin Mathews, 1909.

Exultations of Ezra Pound. London: Elkin Mathews, 1909.

Provença. Boston: Small, Maynard and Co., 1910.

Canzoni of Ezra Pound. London: Elkin Mathews, 1911.

Ripostes. London: Swift and Co., 1912.

Cathay. London: Elkin Mathews, 1915.

Lustra. London: Elkin Mathews, 1916.

Dudley Randall Bibliography

Authored Books

Poem Counterpoem, by Randall and Margaret Danner (Detroit: Broadside Press, 1966).

Cities Burning (Detroit: Broadside Press, 1968).

Love You (London: Paul Breman, 1970).

More to Remember: Poems of Four Decades (Chicago: Third World Press, 1971).

After the Killing (Chicago: Third World Press, 1973),

Broadside Memories: Poets I Have Known (Detroit: Broadside Press, 1975).

A Litany of Friends: New and Selected Poems (Detroit: Lotus Press, 1981).

Edited Books

Adrienne Rich Bibliography


A Change of World (Yale UP, 1951)

The Diamond Cutters and Other Poems (Harper, 1955)

Snapshots of a Daughter-in-Law: Poems, 1954-1962 (Harper, 1963; rev. ed., Norton, 1967)

Necessities of Life (Norton, 1966)

Leaflets: Poems, 1965-1968 (Norton, 1969)

The Will to Change: Poems, 1968-1970 (Norton, 1971)

Diving into the Wreck: Poems, 1971-1972 (Norton, 1973)

Poems: Selected and New, 1950-1974 (Norton, 1974)

Twenty-One Love Poems (Effie's Press, 1977)

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