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To aid direct searches for applicable criticism, all of the currently available criticism is listed below with the associated poet, poem, criticism type, and tags, as applicable. Criticism can also be filtered by these criteria using the sidebar on the right.

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Title Poet Poem Criticism Type Tags
Lynn Keller: On "At the Fishhouses" Elizabeth Bishop At the Fishhouses Poem Criticism fish; fishouses; Moore; grandfather; history; sea; passage of time; symbolism
Ian B. Gordon: On "For a Coming Extinction" W. S. Merwin For A Coming Extinction Poem Criticism poetic utterance; history; Absence; beast; philosophy; transverse; forgiveness; transgression; invention; charity; science museum; lineage; Juxtaposition
Margaret Atwood: On "Diving into the Wreck" Adrienne Rich Diving into the Wreck Poem Criticism myth; Journey; gender differences; finding identity; Power; Rebirth; history
Marjorie Perloff on: "Hope Atherton's Wanderings" Susan Howe Hope Atherton's Wanderings Poem Criticism sound; articulation; repossession; deconstruction; history; loss
Benjamin Branham: On "Buffalo Bill and the Confiscation of Culture" Sherman Alexie Evolution Poem Criticism buffalo bill; pawn shops; re-selling; Wild West; indians; native american; history