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To aid direct searches for applicable criticism, all of the currently available criticism is listed below with the associated poet, poem, criticism type, and tags, as applicable. Criticism can also be filtered by these criteria using the sidebar on the right.

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Title Poet Poem Criticism Type Tags
James Dougherty on One's Self I Sing from Walt Whitman and the Citizen’s Eye Poem Criticism Tocqueville; self; democratic
Mutlu Konuk Blasing: On "In the Waiting Room" Elizabeth Bishop In the Waiting Room Poem Criticism childhood; childhood identity; adulthood; family relationships; sameness; identity in nature; growth; self; personal awakening; Perception
Louise Glück: On "Dream Song 1" John Berryman Dream Song 1 Poem Criticism lyric; voice; noise; purpose; cross-purpose; self; firm self; point of view; fate; commentary
David Palatinus: On "Anthropomorphism and Spectrality in Plath" Sylvia Plath General Poet Criticism Anthropomorphism; voice; tropes; de Man; Derrida; face; mask; mirror-stage; prosopopoeia; self; subjectivity