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To aid direct searches for applicable criticism, all of the currently available criticism is listed below with the associated poet, poem, criticism type, and tags, as applicable. Criticism can also be filtered by these criteria using the sidebar on the right.

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Title Poet Poem Criticism Type Tags
David Kalstone: On "Memories of West Street and Lepke" General Poet Criticism West Street Jail; experiences; connections; privileged; New York City; Boston; compare
Helen Vendler: On "For the Union Dead" Robert Lowell For the Union Dead Poem Criticism Boston; Boston Arts Festival; Robert Gould Shaw; Augustus Saint Gaudens; Boston State House; Irish; immigrant Irish; Aquarium; Boston Common; burial; aesthetic; Massachusetts 54th Regiment; Battle of Fort Wagner
Lowell: On"For the Dead Union" Poem Criticism Historical; Boston; past; present; CivilWar; AllenTate; Shaw; Memorial; ethical; comparison
Steven Gould Axelrod: On "Skunk Hour" Robert Lowell Skunk Hour Poem Criticism Catholic; protestant; Boston; emotion; rebellion; social structure