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The River Sound (1999) The Folding Cliffs: A Narrative (1998) The Vixen (1996) Travels (1993) Selected Poems (1988) The Rain in the Trees (1988) Opening the Hand (1983) Finding the Islands (1982) The Compass Flower (1977) Writings to an Unfinsihed Accompaniment (1973) The Carrier of Ladders (1970) The Lice (1967) The Moving Target (1963) The Drunk in the Furnace (1960) Green with Beasts (1956) The Dancing Bears (1954) A Mask for Janus (1952)


The Lost Upland (1992) Unframed Originals (1982) Houses and Travellers (1977) The Miner's Pale Children (1970)


Sun at Midnight (Poems by Muso Soseki) (with Soiku Shigematsu) (1989) Vertical Poetry (Poems by Roberto Juarroz (1988) From the Spanish Morning (1985) Four French Plays (1985) Selected Translations 1968-1978 (1979) Euripedes' Iphigeneia at Aulis (with George E. Dimock, Jr.) (1978) Osip Madelstam, Selected Poems (with Clarence Brown) (1974) Asian Figures (1973) Transparence of the World (Poems by Jean Follain) (1969) Voices (Poems of Antonio Perchia) (1969, 1988) Products of the Perfected Civilization (Selected Writings of Chamfort) (1969) Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair (Poems by Pablo Neruda) (1969) Selected Translations 1948-1968 (1968) The Song of Roland (1963) Lazarillo de Tormes (1962) Spanish Ballads (1961) The Satires of Persius (1960) The Poem of the Cid (1959)


Lament for the Makers: A Memorial Anthology (1996)