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Theodore Roethke Bibliography


Open House, Knopf, 1941.

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The Far Field, Doubleday, 1964.

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Carl Sandburg Bibliography

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Gary Snyder Bibliography


Riprap (Kyoto, Japan: Origin Press, 1959).

Myths & Texts (New York: Totem Press/Corinth Books, 1960; London: Centaur, 1960).

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A Range of Poems (London: Fulcrum Press, 1966).

William Stafford Bibliography


West of Your City. Los Gatos, Calif: Talisman Press, 1960.

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Paul Violi Bibliography



Breakers: Selected Long Poems, Coffee House Press, Minneapolis, 2000.

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Margaret Walker Bibliography


The ballad of the free. Detroit: Broadside Press, 1966.  For my people. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1942. With a foreword by Stephen Vincent Benet.  October journey. Detroit: Broadside Press, 1973.  Prophets for a new day. Detroit: Broadside Press, 1970.  This is my century : new and collected poems. Athens, Ga.: University of Georgia Press, 1989.  Prose A poetic equation: conversations between Nikki Giovanni and Margaret Walker. Washington: Howard University Press, 1974. 

John Wheelwright Bibliography


North Atlantic Passage (Florence, Italy: Privately Printed, 1925)

A History of the New England Poetry Club, 1915-1931. (Boston: Privately Printed, 1932)

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Political Self-Portrait, 1919-1939 (Boston: Bruce Humphries, 1940)

William Carlos Williams Bibliography


Poems (privately printed, 1909)

The Tempers (Elkin Matthews, 1913)

Al Que Quiere! (Four Seas, 1917)

Kora in Hell. Improvisations (Four Seas, 1920, repr. Kraus Reprint, 1973)

Sour Grapes (Four Seas, 1921)

Go Go (Monroe Wheeler, 1923)

Spring and All (Contact Publishing, 1923; repr. Frontier Press, 1970)

The Cod Head (Harvest Press, 1932)

Collected Poems, 1921-1931 (Objectivist Press, 1934)

An Early Martyr and Other Poems (Alcestis Press, 1935)

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