Stephen Spender: On "General Statements on Eliot"

"Ritualistic" is, it seems to me, the word that best describes [Eliot's] attitude to life. He had a vision of the relationship of the living with the dead through the patterns of rituals that extend into the modern world the pieties that remain unaltered from the past. He thought that when these rituals were disrupted -- and when, in deed, the observance of them was not the foremost aim of the living -- there would be no connection of the living with the dead, of the present with the past.

From T.S. Eliot (New York: Viking Press, 1975): 7


Title Stephen Spender: On "General Statements on Eliot" Type of Content General Poet Criticism
Criticism Author Stephen Spender Criticism Target T. S. Eliot
Criticism Type Poet Originally Posted 02 Nov 2015
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