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In the second criticism I chose, Mark Richardson interprets "The Road Not Taken" as a poem that means that we are always so tied up in things that we often think that decisions are temporary and insignificant, when in reality these decisions are what lead us to our final destination. He states that we do not always know what this final destination is until we get there, but that its purposes are what drives us to it all along. I found this interpretation to be very eye-opening as well, because I agree that we are always making little decisions, not realizing that these decisions lead us to situations where we will have to make more choices, and these choices keep getting more and more significant until we're led to a place where we never would have thought we would end up. Life has a funny way of working itself out, and it is by these little, seemingly insignificant (at the time of the decision-making) decisions that bigger and brighter ones are built for the future.