Eliot Publishes The Letters Of T.S. Eliot. Vol.2, 1923-1925/edited by Valerie Eliot and Hugh Haughton

The volume offers 1,400 letters, charting Eliot's journey toward conversion to the Anglican faith, as well as his transformation from banker to publisher and his appointment as director of the new publishing house Faber & Gwyer. The prolific and various correspondence in this volume testifies to Eliot's growing influence as cultural commentator and editor.

Eliot Publishes The Letters Of T.S. Eliot. Vol. 1, 1898-1922/edited by Valerie Eliot

Included her are all the significant extant letters Eliot wrote up to age 24 as well as many letters written to him by his family, friends, and contemporaries. There are insights into his struggle to earn a living, care for a wife who was frequently ill, edit a magazine, and become known as a critic and poet. And through the correspondence emerges a memorable view of the social and intellectual milieu before and after World War I.