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Hi, my name is Anita Endrezze. My father was Yaqui and my mother is a combination of Italian, Slovenian, and German-Romanian.  Although I'm Yaqui I don't speak for all Yaquis. I speak for me and my experiences as a woman, a half-Yaqui, and a wife and mother.   I have two children, a teenage son and a daughter in 1st grade. We are all complicated humans, with many influences in our lives. My tribe comes from northwestern Mexico. Look at a map. South of Arizona is the state of Sonora. You will find the Gulf of California. Look for the Rio Yaqui. It is a river named after my tribe and where most Yaquis live. In Mexico they speak Spanish. Some Yaquis speak Yaqui, which is a language that has been spoken for thousands of years. I don't speak it. My grandparents left Mexico about 1900 and moved to California. Some Yaquis also live in Arizona. I live in Washington state.