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"I'm interested in voices - especially in the rhythm of the spoken language. To me, that's a kind of poetry; that's an important part of this aesthetic of how working people talk.

[. . . .]

There are all kinds of combinations of spoken dialect and tones of writing; there’ll be language that's obviously media-driven language, journalistic kind of language, fictional or literary kinds of description mixed in with spoken expression. I was looking at the juxtaposition and interplay of all these different types of language in CTFM.

One of the things that interests me is that something is happening with those kinds of tones. Definitely there's a recycling of combined tones of language throughout all the (prose poems). I feel that's reflective of an urban experience, that we're continually enveloped in media-driven language and street expressions and workplace discourse. We're continually thinking on all these levels, and I feel like one of the ways my writing can evoke the city is by evoking these rhythms. Those kinds of technical things, that's what I like to do when I'm writing. If there aren't interesting technical questions happening all the time when I write, I get bored."