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Poem Title Poet Poetic Form Publication Year
Barbara Guest Landscape Portrait
On Barbara Guest
Barbara Guest, Herself Defined
Valerie O'Brien: On "S*PeRM**K*T"
Valerie O'Brien: On “Mummy of a Lady Named Jemutesonekh XXI Dynasty”
On "Susie Asado"
Gertrude Stein In Words and Pictures
On "Susie Asado" (Renate Stendhal)
On "Susie Asado" (Tim Wood)
Some Notes on Lyn Hejinian's 'The Distance'"
Some Notes on Lyn Hejinian's 'The Distance'"
Lyn Hejinian portrait (photographed by Carolyn Andrews)
Lyn Hejinian's "The Distance" from Otherwise
Lyn Hejinian's "The Distance"
The Boston Review
Fighting Words Lyn Hejinian's Saga/Circus
From Twenty-Four Questions: An Interview with Alberto Alvaro Rios
On Alberto Rios
The Oxford Handbook of Modern and Contemporary American Poetry
John Marsh: On “The Death of the Hired Man”
On Bogan’s “The Alchemist”
Measured Chaos: Form in Anthony Hecht’s “More Light! More Light!” and “The Book of Yolek”
LINEbreak radio program with Charles Bernstein (1996)
Robert Frost reading "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening"
Lucille Clifton reads "Homage to My Hips"
John Berryman reading "Dream Song 29"
Rick Brown: A Bloody Torpor: The Banality of Violence in Auden's "The Shield of Achilles"
Alan Jacobs: Auden and the Limits of Poetry
Jim Benz: W.H. Auden's Speaker in "Musée Des Beaux Arts"
Samantha Akridge: A New Type of Elegy