John Beecher

John Beecher: "On Suppression"

Gulag Archipelago is in every bookshop window across the country. How smugly we congratulate ourselves on our putative freedom of expression without fear of a crushing totalitarian bureaucracy. But search these same bookshops for the works of contemporary American poets. If you can find any such at all they will be buried in the darkest corner of the shelves or banished to the balcony under "Belles Lettres."

From Phantasm, Vol. 4, No. 5. Copyright © 1979 by Heidelberg Graphics, Chico, California.

John Beecher: "An Arizona Printer Speaks Up"

I fear that I am an interloper on this evening’s program. I am not a collector of "Arizoniana" but rather my wife and I are producers of Arizona imprints which we hope other people are going to collect. Some distant day perhaps, after we have gone to our rewards -- whatever these may be – collectors will avidly hunt through catalogs for the productions of the Rampart Press in Jerome, and will thrill over its romantic career. For the present the romance is not so obvious.

From Arizona Librarian (Summer 1959)